Caffeine/Energy Drink Industry & 8 Hour Energy

We live in a fast-paced society. One that is constantly moving, growing, creating, and replacing. Innovation happens every day, and if you cannot keep up, you might be left behind. As technology enhances, we are able to accomplish more in less time. But even though we have everything at our fingertips, our fingertips need to move fast enough to utilize it all.

This leaves us with a need for speed. And when society wants something, industry delivers. This market includes coffee, sugar, caffeine and energy drinks. But these limited drinkables and supplements also come with a slew of their own problems, from dietary issues, to crashing throughout the day. They can even lead to addiction. These uncomfortable side effects are all based on the detrimental fact that we must ingest these supplements in order to feel the boost we so crave.

But once again, technology rises above it all. 8- HOUR Energy Patch is a new and innovative way to get the energy you need without the effects that you hate. This safe alternative is a way to completely bypass the digestive tract, which allows the user to stay hydrated and retain important vitamins in the body. It’s an all-natural substitute for all day energy, utilizing transdermal technology for long lasting vitality.

This adhesive patch technology is practically waterproof for any activity, making it ideal for an active lifestyle. It’s easy to apply, fast acting, and long lasting. The patch is a blend of guarana, green tea extracts, taurine, caffeine, and B vitamins. It’s a calorie free, sugar free, blend of skin-absorbable vitamins, which will allow the user to have a distraction-free boost of energy. This product is made in America, FDA certified, and plant-based.

The problem with normal energy drinks is that they’re full of sugar and calories, and the alternative is an artificial sweetener that is terrible for your body. If you don’t like the flavors available for the drinkables, or the fact that you have to carry them around to drink them, then the convenience of the patch is perfect for you.

They can easily be carried in a pocket or purse, they can be doubled up on for extra energy, and they are easy to apply and remove. The liquid reservoir inside the patch is between a layer of plastic that allows for a slow and constant release into the skin. If you want the release to stop, all you need to do is take it off! This allows for complete customer control of the patch, which is a great advantage over the guesswork needed to portion out energy drinks throughout the day.

This product is perfect for fitness training, triathlon athletes, or the everyday triathlon endurance of making it through a busy schedule. 8 Hour Energy has the ability and flexibility to keep up with every lifestyle, from on the go to keep on going. One patch can give you a 4 hour boost, while up to 3 patches in a 24 hour period can give you all day energy with no side effects whatsoever.

The name comes from a play on the 8 hour work day, but can keep stable levels of energy for anyone who keeps up with a fast paced lifestyle. 8 Hour Energy Patches are great for anyone looking to improve their health and efficiency, without relying on caffeine or artificial energy drinks. 8 Hour Energy is the technology we need for our fast paced society, both safe and convenient for every lifestyle.

8 Hour Energy Website: https://eighthourenergy.com/