Graphene & Angstron Materials

This planet is made of billions of combinations of the building blocks of the Universe. Scientists call these building blocks Elements, and they create everything in the natural world. Certain elements are extremely unstable, while others can conduct thermal, electrical, and mechanical energy. Neon and lead, for example, are hard to find substances. Steel and gold are very sought-after substances. While materials such as carbon and hydrogen are all over our planet.

But sometimes engineers and scientists can arrange these elements to construct brand new materials. This is how Graphene was created. Graphene is composed completely of carbon atoms arranged into a hexagonal pattern. Carbon is an element that has a range of unique and useful properties.

Many materials can do some of the things graphene can do, but the reason this product is so innovative is because it takes on multiple properties at once. For instance, graphene is 100x stronger than steel, yet it is a light and flexible material. It conducts electricity and heat better than copper, but it is compact and efficient. This can allow it to replace large and inefficient machinery in every field. Imagine cell phone batteries that charges in minutes and lasts days, or an electric car battery that goes hundreds of miles without a charge. This is the efficiency that Graphene is capable of. It can make technologies smaller, faster, and lighter. Which makes it a perfect material for this fast-paced and ever-changing world.

Graphene is the greatest innovation in the 21st century and can change this world for the better. And now it is mass produced for a consumer market, thanks to Angstron Materials. Located in Dayton Ohio, this groundbreaking company is creating mass amounts of Graphene to release into the commercial market to accelerate its adoption.

If this product was rare, it would be too expensive for everyday use, but since Graphene can revolutionize so many technologies, Angstron would like to see their product everywhere. They have scaled their production of Graphene to produce about 300 Metric Tons a year. 

Angstron makes both the raw material for purchase as well as promoting partnership to incorporate Graphene into real world applications. To showcase its incredible properties and variety of uses, Angstron encourages companies to purchase a research pack of Graphene. They can explore their own uses of the product for efficiency and performance enhancement.

Angstron wants to integrate nano graphene platelets (NGPS) into existing products, including industries of energy, aerospace, defense, automotive and telecommunications markets. For example, Graphene is highly conductive and transparent. Due to these properties, it can enhance energy storage in Solar cells to absorb more energy in less time! It can also block gasses and liquids, making it an impermeable barrier for millions of uses. From replacing plastics for food packaging (it is just made of carbon after all) to replacing metals that rust on our transportation vehicles, it is clear to see that Graphene is the healthier, cleaner, environmentally and economically advantageous alternative to the world we live in today. Angstron is paving the way to a bright and brilliant future, with Graphene at the forefront of technology.

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