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Glass buildings have become the trend of the modern generation. These buildings look beautiful and impressive. The glass material allows the natural lights to enter in and to enjoy the great views. But the problem with glass buildings is that they can get noisy. Mull-It-Over Products saw this as a huge opportunity to create a solution that would not interfere with the aesthetics of these beautiful buildings.

That initial “A-Ha” moment for Bruce Burgess, President of Mull-It-Over Products came when he was working on a hospital tower which was a glass building and he knew there was going to be an issue with sound transfer between rooms. As he was sitting in one of the exam rooms he could hear a very confidential conversation between the doctor and their patient in the room next door. He looked everywhere for a solution in the market but he came up with nothing, plus everyone was telling him this problem could not be fixed. He got so frustrated that he took matters into his own hands and developed his own solution.

Their product is designed to offer a coordinated transition between the interior and exterior systems to get the full potential. There will not be any noise transfer between your rooms anymore. Your privacy, building code requirements, HIPAA compliance, and confidentiality can be achieved with a simple design solution even with glass facades.

A standard mullion offers 28 STC rating that can cause sound transfer between the rooms. Mull-It-Over Trim Caps are designed to increase the STC rating that will help to reduce the sound flanking. One-hour fire rated Mullion Trim Cap option will meet UL2079/S115 requirements. This trim cap is simple and comes with a clean trim detail for the exposed end of a partition wall that will permit differential movement between the glass systems and partitions.

The best part is that these are easy to install. If you want, you can add them during new construction. You can also install them to existing ones to correct the sound problems. It will only slightly decrease the size of the vision glass pocket that might impact the dimension of your windows treatment.

This mullion trim cap comes with an extra return leg extension for the offset wall construction or locations with wide dimensions. It is made to offer a high performance and quality result in a compact size. Besides, it is compatible with standard demising wall construction and most curtain wall systems.

When it comes to the installation it is very simple and no special tools are required. However, you do need professionals to install the mullion trim caps. If you want, custom finishes will also be available to match color and finishing. The exposed surface of this trim is designed to mimic the look of the curtain wall mullion framing. The fasteners will be concealed by a snap on the trim piece. There will be some standard finishing including primed finish and anodized finish. But if you want, you can also get the customized finish.

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