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Real estate investment can be one of the most lucrative forms of long term capital investment opportunities available to investors. Some of the wealthiest people in the world take part in the real estate investment game, looking for a capital intensive asset that also has low liquidity. Because investing in real estate requires such large amounts of money to break into the market, there is a relatively low rate of turnover in the properties involved in the process. Not everyone has the start up capital necessary to invest a significant amount of their hard earned dollars into a piece of property that will take some time to generate any profit from the initial investment. Here at Norada Real Estate, our goal is to help provide our customers with the very best real estate investment opportunities available throughout the United States of America.

Founded in 2003, Norada Real Estate Investments was one of the very first turnkey property investment firms ever created in the United States, breaking new ground on the forefront of the real estate investment market. Turnkey real estate investment involves the purchase of properties and buildings that the investor can then use immediately to rent out or resell, as the property has already been prepared beforehand and does not require renovation. As the second turnkey real estate investment firm to provide opportunities for investment nationwide, Norada Real Estate has the very best and most experienced team of real estate investment specialists in the world.

Because of our specialization in turnkey real estate, each and every one of our properties here at Norada Real Estate is a sound investment opportunity from the day the purchase is made, with no further capital investments needing to be made for costly repairs or construction. Furthermore, we do not charge our investors any fees for our work, making our profits from the property investments we make through our network alone. The markets that we make our investments in are always chosen based on the research we have done on the long term economic and housing factors, not momentary fads caused by a sudden increase in investor demand.

The criteria by which we choose which of the many real estate markets and properties to invest in is complex and varied in nature, and it involves an extensive amount of research being done by our team here at Norada Real Estate. Choosing which real estate markets to focus on to find properties for our investors involves an analysis of the long term trends in housing markets across the nation, helping us make sure to choose markets that will grow in value. Choosing which of the plethora of properties within these markets to invest in is another process entirely. We make sure that each and every one of our investment properties is turnkey and rent ready, which in turn allows us to guarantee a positive cash flow for our investors. Furthermore, our property investments are all at or below a fair market price, and must have some degree of appreciation potential. As a result, Norada Real Estate Investments is the very best at what we do.

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