Swann Communications

In today’s world, people have never been so aware of the threats to their safety on a day to day basis. The twenty-four hour news cycle bombards us with stories of home invasions and burglary, leaving many people feeling vulnerable and unprotected where they should feel the most secure. As a result, the demand for improved home security technology has grown astronomically over the last decade. Swann remains at the forefront of this booming industry, providing their customers with the means to secure their homes and businesses with cutting edge technology.

More than thirty years ago, David Swann founded Swann Communications from his family home, slowly expanding his business into an international leader in the security monitoring industry. What sets Swann apart from any of their competitors is a focus on DIY (Do it Yourself) security systems, giving all their customers the ability to keep their own homes safe without relying on any third parties. Instead of paying exorbitant installation fees and being remotely monitored by strangers, Swann’s customers purchase the equipment and use it as they see fit.

Traditionally, the modern home security system provided by contractors is fairly simple. There are devices attached to the windows and the doors of your home that detect when they have been opened. One part of the device is affixed to the door or window, and the other to the frame that secures it. When they are no longer in contact, a signal is sent to a device that allows you to disarm the alarm. If the correct code is not entered, then the alarm is activated, and the security contractor is informed that there has been a break in. They then contact law enforcement on your behalf. This does nothing to prevent anyone from breaking in or to help identify them once they have, simply offering you the illusion of security.

The products offered for sale by Swann Communications are designed to be used by laymen, not professional security contractors, and as a result are remarkably easy to use and install. The technology itself is incredibly advanced, rendering the traditional home security system outdated and ineffective in comparison. From wireless high-definition video surveillance to motion and heat sensing monitors, the devices sold by Swann are comparable in their efficacy to those used in bank vaults and government buildings. There is simply no other business that offers security solutions that are both this advanced and affordable to the average consumer.