Titanium Payments

The electronic payment industry has become very lucrative over the previous two decades, starting in the late nineties with Cofinity. Cofinity, soon to be renamed PayPal, was the first and most popular of the electronic payment transfer companies. Purchased in eBay in 2002, Paypal remained a subsidiary of eBay until 2015, when it gained its independence. Companies such as PayPal operate online payments systems that allow customers to make financial transactions online and across the world, in an easier and more efficient way than simply using a bank. Titanium Payments is one of these companies, offering to its customers the ability to make online money transfers and other services valuable in the modern commercial arena.

Titanium Payments was originally founded in 2000 as Alpha Processing, before it was folded up and merged with the MLS Direct Network during its national launch in 2004. In 2016, Titanium Payments was launched as its own company for the first time, separate from its predecessors. Revolutionary in its structure, Titanium Payments is designed to take profits that would normally accumulate at a corporate level, and funnel them back into local communities and our business partners. As a result, we allow are clients to save more money than any of the other competitors in the industry.

Titanium Payments was founded as a response to the flaws in the online payment processing industry, in which merchants using the programs were charged higher fees so that the corporate profits were not impacted, with local street level agents stuck in the middle. This system created huge turnover in the industry, and was not conducive to long term stability and success. By letting our business partners and users save money on fees, we create a system in which everyone benefits, from the individual user to the companies involved.

There are a large variety of services offered by Titanium Payments, from loyalty programs to check clearing. The majority of these services is focused on streamlining the process by which our customers make online payments and transfers, helping to minimize fees and transfer times. They allow you to process payments from both debit and credit cards, and help set up regular billing services. Furthermore, we helo large ecommerce vendors process payments made across the world, and ensure that customers receive minimal fees and fast service.

Every day, more and more business is starting to be conducted entirely online. As a result, the traditional methods of payment processing are becoming obsolete and outdated. Online payment processing services like Titanium Payments are gradually becoming the most common method of monetary transfer between individuals and businesses, and over the next few decades this will become more and more evident.

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