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In this upcoming Trending Today featured segment, we will introduce you to the world of Mull-it-Over Products - who is changing the game with their custom noise dampening solutions for office buildings. We are excited for you to get to know Mull-It-Over the company, their technology, and what makes it so effective. 

Get to know Mull-It-Over Products below and stay tuned for their segment an all new episode of Trending Today coming soon!

About Mull-It-Over

“Window Mullion Cap Has Acoustical Community Abuzz”

Sound Solutions for Glass Buildings

There is a key six inches of space around the perimeter of every glass building. A transition space that was poorly detailed. Until Now. Mull-It-Over Products knows that curtain wall manufacturers primarily focus on weather-related factors. And that interior manufacturers focus on drywall sound insulation which ends at the slab edge of a building. Yet there’s a gap: Adjacent to a building’s interior and integral to the exterior curtain wall is the grid of hollow aluminum tubes that hold the glass in place. And these tubes—six inches of space around the entire perimeter of glass buildings—serve as open air gaps that conduct noise and cannot stop fires. It affects productivity, privacy and safety (including, of course, HIPAA compliance). White noise devices aren’t sufficient; a more comprehensive solution is needed. Mull-It-Over Products offers the solution: THE MULL-IT-OVER® MULLION TRIM CAP. The Mull-It-Over Mullion Trim Cap provides the coordinated transition between interior and exterior systems so they perform to their full potential. Noise transfer between rooms is no longer a problem. Building code requirements, confidentiality, privacy, productivity and HIPAA compliance for buildings with glass facades now have a simple design solution. A standard mullion has an STC rating of 28. If left exposed, sound transfer between rooms will be a problem due to the poor noise deadening performance of the mullion. The Mull-It-Over Mullion Trim Cap increases the STC rating at the mullion to minimize sound flanking. The product is easy to install during new construction or to add during retrofit, to correct existing sound transfer problems or code violations. The Mull-It-Over Mullion Trim Cap is manufactured in the USA and has become the standard design detail for many leading architectural firms. For more information, please visit our website.